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Ensure your car is running at its optimum with a vehicle servicing from SubLab. Our technicians are fully factory trained and our workshop holds the latest in diagnostic equipment and a full range of specialist tools. Our team are waiting to assist you with your servicing needs; from Warrant of Fitness repairs to transmission replacements and engine modifications, we are your Subaru specialists!

Your Subaru contains computer chips that control and regulate its performance. Using Subaru’s state-of-the-art Diagnostic technology your Sublab team can cut straight to the heart of the problem. It can not only save you money, but a lot of wasted time too. Regular vehicle servicing is an investment in maintaining it in great condition.

Don’t leave it until you experience problems – it may be too late to repair by then.

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Services We Offer

All Makes and Models

We service all makes and models, and our team of highly trained professional technicians will ensure your car drives away with the SubLab seal of approval.

Warrant for Fitness Checks

When it’s that time of year again let the team at SubLab ensure your car is fighting fit. Visit our busy, modern workshop and see our skilled team in action

Engine Tuning

Allow our skilled team to tune your engine and notice the huge difference in economy and performance.

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Our Full Services


 Accessories/cambelt removed. Inspect hydraulic tensioner and all idlers. New crank seal and cambelt fitted. Refit all accessories and check ignition timing and idle speed. Pricing from $380 Book Now >

Coolant Flush

Cooling system drained, flushed with clean water. Cooling system refilled, anti-freeze added, system bled. Pressure test and check for leaks. Pricing from $160 Book Now >

Transmission Service

 Connect trans flush machine and carry out a Transmission Flush, new Trans oil is added. Pricing from $250 Book Now >

CV Joint

Suspension joint is released, remove drive axle to remove joint. New cv joint & boot fitted. Axle refitted. Pricing from $270 Book Now >


Remove/replace brake pads, inspect rotors.
Brake fluid flushed and brakes bled.
Adjust handbrake.
Pricing from $195 Book Now >


Connect diagnostic scan tool.
Carry out self diagnosis and record faults.
Monitor live data and recommend necessary repairs
Pricing from $90 Book Now >

A SERVICE (10,000km Service)

  • Vehicle placed on hoist. Brakes checked, rear brakes dusted and adjusted, brake hoses checked.
  • Replace engine oil, sump plug and oil filter
  • Diff and gear oil checked
  • Underside of vehicle inspected, including exhaust, rubber boots, steering joints,
  • Brakes lines and hoses, fuel lines, shock absorbers etc.
  • Tyres checked, pressure set. Doors lubed.
  • Cooling system checked for leaks.
  • All fluids checked and topped up as required.
  • Drive belts adjusted, battery topped up and terminals checked.
  • Check plugs, clean air filter/replace if required.
  • Carry out engine diagnostic.
  • Timing, idle speed and fuel mixture set. Engine electrical system checked.
Pricing from $255 Book Now >

B SERVICE (50,000km Service)

As per A SERVICE plus:

  • Replace diff and gear box oils
  • Carry out Transmission Flush and Coolant Flush
  • Replace brake fluid, bleed system
Pricing from $880 Book Now >

C SERVICE (100,000km Service)

As per B SERVICE plus:

  • Replace Cambelt, crank seal and check/replace Hydraulic Tensioner and Idlers
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace pollen filter
Pricing from $1730 Book Now >


Contact us for any other services on all makes and models.